Thursday, July 14, 2005

"url" command, suggested by Jeremy Hussell

Introducing a new YubNub core command, url, which will help people who are experimenting with chaining YubNub commands together (like Sean O'Hagan and Erik Kastner).

url simply converts a YubNub command into a URL. For example,
url gim porsche 911
displays the following text:

For the syntax for combining commands, I will probably go with Jeremy Hussell's suggestion of { curly brackets }. I envision it working both at "compile time" and at "runtime"; that is, both in the Add Command screen and at the YubNub command line. Tony Pitale has suggested a "today" command, and this would be a perfect application, both at compile time and runtime: {today -format yyyymmdd -offset 15}


Blogger JeremyHussell said...

Hey, I can't take credit for everything. Sean O'Hagan suggested {}, not me.

7/15/2005 7:07 a.m.  

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