Saturday, July 02, 2005

Experimentation with pipes (sorta)

Well, there is research being done on making pipes for YubNub commands, and it isn't being done by me! Erik Kastner (creator of the spell with flickr website that's been making the rounds) is experimenting with combining YubNub commands. From Erik's email:
I made a new yubnub command"chain" -- A way to chain commands together. It's VERY beta right now and only supports:
  • ftot (my new command for making an atom feed into text- which is broken b/c of an apache thingie)
  • fspell
  • random
Example: chain random 42 fspell
Erik is taking us the first few steps into The Dream: combining YubNub commands together. This is the inflection point, the Singularity. On the day that YubNub commands can truly, freely interact with each other, great things will happen.

Update: Eric sends me this in an email: chain ftot -url -titles 1 -bodies 1 -limit 1 fspell Looks like it's beginning to really take shape!


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