Saturday, March 11, 2006

YubNub is Rewiring My Thought Paths

From the YubNub Google Group:

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Today, as I read through the morning sitting in a cafe, sipping a cold Americano, and with no laptop handy, I found myself writing all sorts of notes and little reminders to myself in every scrap of paper I could get my hands on. What I found remarkable was not the actual content of the notes but the form they naturally took. I wrote "rae edomita" where I would have previously written "Que significa edomita?" (Spanish for "What does 'edomita' mean?"); "iy kingfisher bird" instead of "What does a Kingfisher bird look like?"; "a Markov process" instead of "Find out what's a Markov process."; "am Gravity and Grace" instead of "Find out about this 'Gravity and Grace' book."; "wp Edward Fredkins" instead of "Who is this Edward Fredkins?"; and so on, and so on...

YubNub is rewiring my thought paths, I'm thinking in commands now! As I sat there pondering this epiphany, I thought I'd post to the YubNub Group about it. I wrote something like "yubgrub -new YubNub Is Rewiring My Thought Paths." and the first thing I did as soon as I got near a computer was implement that little command (the rewiring goes both ways!).

Cheers to YubNub!


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