Saturday, July 23, 2005

Call for awk, sed, grep, sort, tr commands

Sean O'Hagan (who has been working on HTML- and XML-parsing commands for YubNub) asks: "Thinking more about pipes and such, I thought that it'd be great if someone could (create and) host web versions of common pipe and filter commands like: awk, sed, grep, sort, tr, etc. (and commands from other operating systems too of course)"

Would someone be willing to create yubnub commands for awk, sed, grep, sort, tr, etc.? I suppose all you'd need to do would be to create PHP scripts (or whatever) that delegated to the real unix commands to do the heavy lifting. If the user passed you a URL, I guess you could pipe in the text using lynx.

Warning: this is a CPU/bandwidth intensive job! You might want to check the specs on your web server before contributing these commands!


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