Saturday, June 30, 2007

Embedding YubNub in webpages using rub://

Intriguing news from Gabriel Kent, creator of the RubNub Firefox extension:

So I released a new version of RubNub with a brand spankin' new site -- most notable is the ability to embed YubNub links into a web page -- which you can see in action (after you install the latest) here:

I am not sure how useful it will be but multi-destination links like
(rub://mash+Utah+gmap+g) have potential as do a few of the other command types. I have not seen embedded YubNub links (other than a URI with args), so this may be a first eh?

I also got around to making a little demo video for it -- which actually turns out to be a pretty good yubnub video as well, so check that out in the video section..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Huh? This can be achieved with a get request to Yubnub. Why introduce a new URL scheme, especially one that only works on Firefox, and only those that have this particular extension installed?

6/30/2007 1:34 p.m.  
Blogger Jonathan said...

'Tis an interesting idea nonetheless. I wonder what uses will come of it.

6/30/2007 1:39 p.m.  
Blogger .hj barraza said...

well this reachers far beyond only that a cleaner version of http requests. It actually creates a more logical command line for a browser.

But the the real juice in it is the new potential it brings to "meta" and new results in their visualisation.

imagine a command that is a link, or a single command that returns multi-links pretty much as a query to meta for the web, without the need to worry about third parties and whats even more important, forget about the relevance of domain names.

we can concentrate in creating commands around meta as arguments and forget about the domain monopoly.

and this is just the beginning.. eventually we can evolve this into more elaborated interaction metaphors to make use of the whole web as an actual database rather than a yellow-pages directory.

just as command line gave bird to GUI, we can later evolve our primite gui's (browsers) to more intelligent tools that work with meta, rather than urls

7/01/2007 1:43 a.m.  
Blogger Gabriel Kent said...

Anon, those are valid points.

Still, I find it interesting to think of it as increasing the isomorphic signal to noise ratio of a yubnub cmd. Which could potentially make more sense semantically.

rub:// is arbitrary, it transcends protocol to become meta, driven socially it is merely an ontology--and that is the point.

We should subscribe to commands, ontologies...hell even map points in order of operation/best match or otherwise like we play with podcasts today.

Feel free to help port it to other platforms. It is not about rubnub, yubnub, is about meta linking, routing and usability in the internet OS.


7/01/2007 3:06 a.m.  

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