Sunday, October 30, 2005

YubNub Mobile + Skweezer

Phil Bogle has created a YubNub Mobile page with a twist: it uses Skweezer to strip pages down to a mobile-friendly format:

If you want to use Phil's service directly, use this URL: (If you've got a Pocket PC or SmartPhone, this works great with MultiIE, which lets you enter YubNub commands in the browser address bar).

Easier YubNub installation in Safari

Noah Mittman has come up with an easier way to add YubNub to the Safari search bar: "just wanted to let you know there is a freeware Safari add-on called AcidSearch that works very well with the site. It allows users to configure their own searches into the field normally locked to Google. A nice touch is that there is a panel built-in that lets users select and contribute search strings, so I've added YubNub to the list. So if you wanted, you could tell people to install AcidSearch and choose YubNub from the "More Channels..." list as way to install YubNub into Safari."

Thanks Noah!

Installing YubNub in Firefox - detailed instructions

Someone wanted instructions for installing YubNub in the Firefox search bar. Here's how:

1. To install YubNub, first go to:

2. Click "YubNub". You will be prompted to add YubNub to your search bar.

3. Click OK.

4. Click on your search bar to change the search engine from Google to YubNub (the blue "y")

5. And you're done! Now you can type the various YubNub commands into the search bar: g turtles, gim turtles, tec turtles, yim turtles, etc.